TCL Trailing Arm Skid Plates

When it comes to armor, its hard to have too much.   Sometimes its the little things that get overlooked that really end up taking the abuse on the trail.   On the new 2007 FJ Cruiser, the rear trailing arm brackets were one of these things.   To help keep the brackets and trailing arm ends in good condition, TLC has introduced their FJ Cruiser Trailing Arm Skid Plates.  

The brackets come ready to install, with a powder coating.
Although they look like simple brackets, they are actually contoured to fit the shape of the bracket on the vehicle.

Looking at the trailing arm mounting bracket, it is easy to see how it could become a target for rocks, and a good place to get hung up on!

Installation was quite simple and only takes a few minutes.   The nut on the rear of the trailing arm mounting bolt is removed.   The vehicle is raised from a point on the frame.   As the rear suspension drops, pressure is relieved from the bolt.   As you slowly lift the vehicle, you can wiggle the bolt until it becomes loose enough that it will just slip out.   

With the bolt out, the skid plate is installed over the bracket and the bolt is re-installed.   Once the bolt is in and nut is re-installed, the vehicle is lowered.

That's all there is too it!

Another shot of the bracket with the skid plate installed.

We will do some follow up down the road once we have had a chance to put these new skid plates to the test!

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