The custom Alcan rear leaf springs arrived on 2-11-2004, about 3 weeks after I ordered them.   When I ordered them, I was told they would take about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks to make, and they were right on the money.   I ordered the springs after having the front and rear of the truck put on the local truck scale so I had specific weights to give to Alcan.   I have lift shackles and ordered the springs with 3.5 inchs of lift.  

Here is information on ALCAN and HOW THEY MAKE their springs.

UPS dropped them on the front porch.   For some reason the wife didnt move them....
Both ends have wraps and there are retainers on both ends to keep the springs straight.
Unlike the factory springs, there are quite a few leafs on the Alcans.

They also came with new bushings for the springs and shackle.
The first step of the install was to raise and support the truck.   I then removed the shocks.
I removed the bolt to the leaf spring, but not the hanger bolt.
Unbolt the U-bolts and remove them.

These U-bolts were not that old, but were very rusty and one of the nuts took the threads with it.... time for new U-bolts!

Remove the last hanger bolt and you can remove the leaf spring from the truck.   You have to be careful since the emergency brake cable runs over the spring and there are wires and brake lines that you dont want to damage.
In this picture I have the drivers side spring bolted up to the front hanger, but just sitting on the axle.  
I dont know how much more room there is to extend, but I was pushing it!   

In order to get both of the spring centering pins into their holes on the axle perches, I would either have to use the jack to hold the axle in place, or use jack stands.   Since every jack I have ever owned sinks, I used jack stands!

Here both springs are sitting in place.

The old leaf springs off the truck.
At this point I stopped, as I need to get some new U-bolts to attach the springs to the axle.
I picked up some new U-bolts and in an effort to keep them from rusting I decided to paint them.

While the U-bolts were drying, I installed the rest of the new bushings for the shackle mount and rear of the leaf spring.

The old ones just slide out and the new ones slide in.

With the axle on the stand I was able to pull down on the spring down and install the shackle.
You can see the new red bushings at both ends.   I now need to install the U-bolts.
When I had the new U-bolts made, I had them made about 1.5 to 2 inches long.   I may want to use the extra thread in the inside bolts for a shock mount or add back the one inch block at a later date.  You can always cut them off shorter, you cant add to them.
Here is is all together and hanging.   You can see the the end of the springs is opened up some.

With the old tires and wheels back on it was time to measure...

The old rear height was 30 inches
                                   minus a 1 inch block
                            equals 29 inches
Height with new leafs is 35 inches
                      total gain is 6 inches

Keep in mind this is right off the jack stands.   I think that even after driving it around the block is may settle some, and it will settle in some also.   If the front lift is 5 inches, I can still adjust the Kings up to 2.5 inches, so the rear is still a half inch lower than the most I can set the front to.  

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