First, I installed King coilovers to level out the truck.  The front end has sagged quite a bit since I have added the ARB bumper and winch.  The King coilovers are adjustable from 0-3 inches of lift.  For now, I will run them with the truck at the stock level.  This will bring the front end up back up to where it should be.  

I then Installed the Tuff Country 5 inch lift kit in combination with the Kings to maintain the 5 inches of lift with the additional weight of the armor, winch and bumper.

For the rear, I am going to run custom Alcan leaf srpings and a shackle.   I ran blocks at first with the Kings, but the blocks are now gone.   I am also going to relocate the upper mounts of the shocks to an / \ type configuration.  The lower mounts are changed with the shackle reversion I am already running.

King Coilover Shocks
Rear Shackle
Alcan Custom Rear Leaf Springs
New Rear Shocks and Shock Mounts
Tuff Country 5 Inch Lift
TTORA Scrape Plates
Sway Bar Brackets
Scrape Plates
Tires and Wheels
4.88 Gears
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