I met with Eric Houser from Donal Machine and we did a test fit on a heavy duty scrape plate for the Tuff Country lift kit. Don't confuse these with the light duty ones that you can buy from Pro-Comp for their lift and such. These are real scrape plates that you can really use!

They are made from 11g(1/8") 304 Stainless Steel and weigh about 21 lbs.. If you wish, you can have the TTORA insignia laser cut into the plate. So far, here are the applications that are available:

1995-2003 Tacomas equipped with Pro-Comp 4" lift kit
1995-2003 Tacomas equipped with TrailMaster 6" lift kit
1995-2003 Tacomas ( to replace the factory scrape plates, stock application)

The plates for the Tuff Country lift will be available VERY soon. In order to keep costs down they would like to produce them in groups of 7. Once they have enough orders, they will make the first runs of the Tuff Country plate. One advantage to pre-ordering the plates before a run is that you get to choose if you have the TTORA insignia or not.

For ordering info or questions contact Eric Houser at skidplates@tacomaterritory.com
or by phone at 707-763-6625 and ask for Eric.

You can also get more info and pictures from the Tacoma Territory page:

We only did a test fit today.   Here is what it will look like on the truck.   
You can see that the TTORA letters have been cut in this plate, but the letters have not been removed yet.
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