I changed tires twice.   The first time, I just changed the tires from the stock set to a set of 31 inch MTR's.   For information on that change, click HERE.

For all tire and wheel pics click HERE.

When it was time for the lift, I needed new tires and wheels.  It was hard to find a set of wheels in the size and backspacing that I wanted.  I had to decide between 15 or 16 inch rims.  There were good and bad things about both, but I finally decided on 15 inch rims.  As far as tires, I really liked the MTR's, so I ordered a set of 33x12.50-15's.   The wheels that I decided on are black Rockcrawler's with round holes from Pro-Comp, 15x8 with 3.75 backspacing.  They were $39 each with free shipping.

Having problems with 4-Wheel Parts... READ THIS!!!

I have had a TON of questions about these wheels.  It seems that about once a week I get an e-mail from someone that has called 4-Wheel Parts and wanted to get them and they are told one of a few things: that they wont fit, that they are discontinued, or that they can not special order them.   ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE FALSE!   Obviously they fit, myself and a bunch of others are running them without any problems (or grinding!).   They are not discontinued either.   

To prove this point, I placed an order on 4-22-2005.   On 4-25-05 they showed up on my front step. I took a picture of the box label so you can see the item number and also the date of manufacture.  If they are discontinued, they why is Pro-comp still making them?!?!    If they still don't believe you, my invoice number was 12-091628-1 for Peter Parks, have them look it up.

 If you have a problem with a person at 4WP, you have a few choices.   Ask for another person, ask for a supervisor, or just hang up and call back.   Make sure that once you find a good person, you get his name and direct line number so you can call them back!   If they do not have them in stock, they CAN special order them from Pro-Comp.   It may take some time, but if they are the wheels you want, its worth the wait.    I have used the Oakland 4WP with good luck so far.   Their number is (510)436-4979, ask for Mike or James and tell them that you found this info on parksoffroad.com!

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On March 2nd 2004 the new tires arrived.
I put the new tires next to the old ones for a first glimpse of how much bigger they were going to be.  As you can see, they are quite a bit larger.
They are also about 3 inches wider than the old MTR's.
I also received a set of new lug nuts, wheel locks and valve stems.
The first 2 wheels arrived on Monday March 1st.   They are from 4 Wheel Parts and are the same as the ones from Wheelers Offroad.  4 Wheel parts matched Wheelers price, but also included free shipping and the lug kit.   They are 15x8 with 3.75 backspacing.   The other 3 are expected to arrive in the next few days, and I will take them down and have them mounted and balanced then.
The rest of the wheels arrived on Thursday March 4th and I ran down to Big-O Tires and had them mounted.
Back to the garage they go until the lift is on and the truck is ready for them!
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