I drove around for a few days with the sway bar off, and although it was not that bad for trips other than just locally I wanted to put the sway bar back on.    The Tuff Country kit came with the same style brackets as other kits but I wanted something stronger.   I again talked to Eric Houser at Donal Machine about a set of sway bar brackets that he had made for the Pro-Comp 4 inch lift.   Eric made 2 sets of these, but they proved to be too expensive.
Here you can see the new bracket as compared to the lift kit bracket.  
Obviously, these are a little stronger than the C style extension.
Instead of using the factory clamps again, the old bushing is used with the new clamp.
Here is is ready to bolt onto the truck.
The factory sway bar holes need to be enlarged very slightly so the new studs will fit. 
The factory holes are also slightly offset.   The new brackets account for this.
There is a left and right bracket.   The drivers side bracket has the corner reduced to give some extra clearance to the steering shaft.   There is plenty of room for everyting.
Here the sway bar is on the truck.
The only thing left to do was to bolt the ends up!
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