Although we dont do to much night wheeling, in the Vegas area that is mostly all that Warren and his club do over there.  Wheeling in the daytime is just not an option with the summer daytime temps being around 110.

At night you need some sort of under vehicle light to see where the wheels and obstacles are.

After looking at a bunch of local stores, I finally found a set of small cheap lights at our local Walmart.  I wanted them small so I could tuck them up and out of the way, and cheap as they could get broken by rocks flying around under there.
I mounted the lights under the bed, with the one on the right side shining towards the left side, and the left side shining towards the right side.
I pulled the center console off to mount the lights.
I used the Dremel tool to CAREFULLY cut two holes in the side of the center console.
I then snapped the switches that came with the lights into the holes.
Here is the final product.   I will move the two wires out of site, but need to keep them handy as they have the fuses in them.
Here is the rear at night.   It would not be a problem to fix anything back there at night!

Here is the what it looks like from a distance.


Here is what the fronts look like.  So far I have done some good runs, including the Rubicon and they have been safe.
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