The Jeep's data plates had all been removed.   The only one that I had was the plate with the Jeep's serial number.   I purchased a new set of plates, and it was now time to install them.
Here you can see the new set of plates.   I had a picture of another Jeep with the plates in place to use as a pattern.
When I went to place the first plate and drill the hole, the drill bit just went right through.   In the past, before it was painted blue, they put putty in and filled the holes.  
Once you look past the camera strap, you can see that some of the holes look like a phillip screwdriver....I just poked them out.  

Here is the dash with the new plates installed.  The instrument panel is still off, as I was also working on the electrical system today.

You can tell the one plate that is original!! I will rivet them all on once the painting is done, but for now, they are just screwed on.

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