During the time that I was putting this whole comparison together I took all the units that I had received so far to a meeting with the Santa Rosa 4x4's.   At the meeting a member, Mark, pulled out the compressor that he had purchased at a local store for around $25 and showed it to me.   I decided to add it into the test, and I am glad that I did!

The Superflow compressor, Model MV-50 was purchased from a local store for $24.99.   For this price, I was not sure what to expect.   My first thought was that it was a "cheap" compressor, most likely in more ways than one.

There are some similarities between the Superflow and the Viair:.  the air chuck with build in deflator, the similar setup on the air filter, the carry bag and a few other minor items.   I wonder if the Superflow compressor was build by Viair for another company?   I took pictures of them side by side, you can see them HERE.

Also during the course of this comparison, I started to read about this compressor on quite a few message boards.  It seems that they were being discontinued, and people were scrambling to try to find themselves one.


Maximum Air Flow: 72 Liters Per Minute (this works out to about 2.54 CFM according to my calculations)
Maximum Voltage: 13.8 Volts
Maximum Amps: 30A
Horsepower: 1/3
Maximum Working Pressure: 120 PSI
Maximum Restart Pressure: 150 PSI
Maximum Operation Temp: 140°F
Minimum Operating Temp: -67°F
Maximum Continuous Cycle Time: 40 mins. @ 40 PSI @ 75°F

Inside the included carry bags front compartment is the hose and hose fittings.
The compressor with attached alligator clips is in the main compartment.
Here it is out of the bag.
It has a replaceable foam air filter.
The air filter is threaded into the air intake on the side of the compressor head.
The tire chuck has a built in deflator to fine tune tire pressure.

The unit is compact and not too loud when running.   It has anti-vibration feed that keep it planted, it did not walk around like some of the other compressors during the test.

If you wanted to hard mount this unit, you could simply pop the anti vibration rubber feed out and use the holes to screw it down.

To inflate one tire from 10-35 PSI it took 4:05, for all 4 it took 16:57.

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