Viair 400P Air Compressor

During the testing, we started to notice some similarities between the Superflow and the Viair:.  the air chuck with build in deflator, the similar setup on the air filter, the carry bag and a few other minor items.   I wonder if the Superflow compressor was build by Viair for another company?   I took pictures of them side by side, you can see them HERE.


Max Voltage: 12 Volt
Max Amperage: 30 AMP
Horse Power: 1/4
Max Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Max Ambient Temp: 158°F
Min Ambient Temp: -40°F
Max Duty Cycle @ 30PSI: 40 Minutes @ 72°F
Max Duty Cycle @ 100PSI: 33% (15 min on/30 min off @ 72°F

The Viair came with a nice carry bag that fit the compressor and accessories nicely with some room to spare.
The unit has a air filter on the end that is user serviceable and it also comes with 2 spare filters.
The air chuck also allows you to deflate your tires so you can easily fine tune your pressure.
Viair was one of the manufacturers that put some tire inflation times on their box.   This gave us the chance to put their numbers to the test!

According to Viair, it takes 4 minutes to inflate a 33x12.50 tire from 0-30PSI.   When I timed it, I found that it took exactly 4 minutes to reach that pressure also!   

Viair also said that it took 2 minutes to go from 15-30PSI.   When I stopped the first time at exactly 2 minutes I was actually at 32 PSI, more than they had said!   

Way to go Viair!!

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