Oasis Trailhead Deflator

The Oasis Trailhead Deflators are very simple to use and get you back on the trail faster than any other deflators.   How do they do this?   Simple: you put them on and you drive away!    When you are done using them, you can store them in the included pouch and slip them into the glove box so they are always there when you need them.   Adjusting was easy with the included allen key.   Of the three adjustable deflators (Oasis Trailhead Deflator, Tire Buddy II and Staun) the Oasis was in the middle of the pack when it came to ease of setting the pressure to the psi I desired.   It was also a nice touch that they came with the extras, a low pressure guage that I used quite often during the testing and the tire deflation chart.    If they get any dirt in them, you can take them apart and clean them, the cleaning procedure is included in the instruction card which is laminated so it lasts.

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When you get your Oasis Trailhead Deflators, this is what it looks like.
Included in the package are 4 deflators, allen key for adjusting the deflators, storage pouch, sticker, low pressure tire gauge, laminated instructions, and a tire deflation chart.
This is the tire deflation chart.   Find your tire size on the left, then using the scale on the bottom is shows the suggested tire pressure for the weight of your vehicle.
Here are the 4 deflators and the allen wrench for adjusting them.

Here you can see the end of the deflators with the adjusting screw.

To adjust the deflators, start by turning the adjusting screw out until it is flush with the end of the deflator body.   At this point the deflator is set to the lowest end of the adjustment range.   Every turn clockwise (in) on the adjusting screw will adjust the pressure about 1.5 PSI.   Once you know what pressure you want your tires set to, you can roughly set them with this info as a starting point then doing a few trial runs fine tune them until they are just where you want them.

The end with the grip area goes onto the tires standard valve stem.
Simply thread it onto the valve stem and it starts deflating automatically.  In order to start deflating, the tire pressure must be about twice what the final air down pressure is set at.   For example, if you have the deflators set for 10psi, you need to have the tire at about 20psi for the deflators to start.  I found that with as little as 5-7psi difference they would start.

Once they deflator is on the tire and running, you can get back into your vehicle and drive on down the road.   While you don't want to leave them on there all the time, after a few miles (probably less than 5 minutes) all 4 tires should be aired down.   If you are stopped waiting for them to deflate, you can hear them "click" off when they are through, and the sound of the air escaping stops.

When you take them off, be sure to put those valve caps back on to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the valve stems!

Here are two more pictures of the Oasis Deflator kit.
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