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The Tire Buddy II is a automatic tire deflator that is quick and simple to use.  Made of brass and stainless steel, it is durable and should last for quite some time.    Because of the small size, it is easily stored in the glove box so it is ready whenever you need it.   You can buy them in sets of 1, 2 or 4 so you can do multiple tires at the same time.   The only place they are available for sale is at Oyster Bay Tackle and they retail for $17.99, $33.99 and $63.99 for 1, 2 and 4 respectively.  Of the three types of adjustable deflators (Tire Buddy II, Staun and Oasis Trailhead) the Tire Buddy II was the easiest to adjust and get set to the psi that I wanted to use.

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Here is the package as we received it.   These are very simple to set and use.

The Tire Buddy II comes pre-set from the factory at 15psi, but can be adjusted anywhere from 10-30psi.     To change the preset pressure, simply turn the adjusting screw clockwise to increase the tire pressure, or counterclockwise to decrease the tire pressure.  The indicator marks in the body each represent about 1psi.

To use the Tire Buddy II, remove the dust cap...
Then thread them onto the valve stem.   They will automatically start letting air out of the tire.

When the tire reaches the preset psi, it will shut off.  Here you can see it installed on the valve stem.

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