Daniel wanted a better ride on his 99 Prerunner Extended cab and decided to go with the Total Chaos upper control arms and extended length Donahoe coilovers.   

Installing the Total Chaos arms is basically the same as the other brands of upper arms.   To see another set of arms installed, also see HERE.    To see another set of Donahoe's installed, also see HERE.

For the Donahoe instructions, click HERE

If you would like to contact Daniel, you can e-mail him HERE.

The first step was to raise and safely support the vehicle.   Once this is done, remove the tires, then remove the factory struts and upper control arms.
Here we have removed the struts and upper arms.
Here are the new Total Chaos arms and hardware.
The Total Chaos arms are the same length as stock.
Here we have the Total Chaos arm sitting on top of a factory arm.   They are the same length as the factory arms, where the All-Pro arms are 3/8 of an inch longer.

The next step was to remove the factory upper ball joints from the top of the spindle and replace them with the slug adapter.

Here we have already removed the ball joint and installed the slug adapter.

To see a upper ball joint removal, click HERE.

To see more detailed info on installing the slug adapter, click HERE.

After installing the slug adapter, all that is left is to bolt in the new coilovers and upper control arms.   

Once everything is done, this is what it looks like.

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